Estate Agents

Estate Agents

In order to avoid the risk of a fine for either yourself or your client EPC Choice will send a confirmation advice note the moment the EPC is ordered. We will make this available to you by SMS text message and E-mail within seconds of your instruction with your client advised also if required.

  • Agents have a duty to ensure that the EPC has been commissioned prior to marketing a property.
  • Both the Agent & Vendor have a duty to make reasonable efforts to ensure that the EPC is produced within 7 days. Failing this a further period of 21 days is permitted during which time further efforts should be made to provide the EPC.
  • Commissioning an EPC is defined as having ordered an EPC and either paid for it or having given a clear undertaking to pay for it.

This will gain you a competitive advantage over your rivals allowing you to market from the moment of instruction. Vendor loyalty is improved as you are the agent that arranged their EPC.

Estate Agent clients are provided with access to our on-line ordering facility which allows simple on-line ordering and real time updates as your EPC order progresses.

We operate a comprehensive commission payment system for all EPCs undertaken and can collect payment directly from your client if required.

The relatively low cost attached to EPCs will tempt many agents to provide the certificate free of charge with the cost absorbed within the agency fee. To facilitate this EPC Choice are uniquely offering all agency clients up to 60 day account facilities to maximise cashflow.

To discuss any aspect of our estate agency services, please contact Chris Grant –National Operations Director on 0208 325 2552