When does RdSAP 10 start?

The release of RdSAP 10 in April 2024 marks the first full-scale update to the methodology in four years. A summary of the changes are as follows:

  • Assessors will be required to measure all windows- This represents a move away from the assumption of typical glazing areas for the age of property. The benefit of this that it will be more reflective of the property being assessed and thereby more accurate.

  • Additional options for roof rooms– Assessors will be required to take a couple of additional measurements in order to capture the different construction types of any common wall and gable walls.

  • New age band – Introduction of new age band for properties built from 2023 onwards to show improvement in u-values.

  • New region added– The Isle of Man has been added as a region alongside England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It has previously never been possible to undertake RdSAP assessments in the Isle of Man before.

  • Assessors can account for PV diverters and battery storage– When present in the property, assessors will be able to account for PV diverters and battery storage.

  • Heat Pumps to be recommended more – The government’s low carbon solution of choice, Heat Pumps, will be appearing more often as a recommended improvement measure, under certain conditions e.g. the property has to be fairly well insulated.

For more technical detail on the changes please refer to BRE

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