Nearly half of lenders and third of brokers would welcome EPC policy reversal

As CEO of EPC Choice, a national provider of Energy Performance Certificates, I see the dialogue around EPC policy changes as a critical conversation for the future of the EPC industry and for mortgage brokers navigating these changes. The reversal of EPC rating changes presents both challenges and opportunities for our sector.

The proposal to elevate EPC standards to C rating was a step towards enhancing our national housing stock's energy efficiency. This move aligned with our shared vision of a sustainable future, offering a clear path to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills. However, the debate around these changes and their impact on mortgage lenders and advisors underscores a broader issue: the need for greater public awareness and a unified approach to green mortgages.

From our perspective, the key to advancing green mortgages lies in education and collaboration not only with borrowers but with the Brokers. It's essential to demystify EPCs and green mortgages for both homeowners and the industry. By increasing awareness, we can drive demand for energy-efficient properties and the advantages of Green mortgages.

Moreover, developing a comprehensive range of green mortgage products is vital. These should cater to diverse needs and financial situations, ensuring accessibility not only for Homeowners but for the Buy to Let sector. 

In conclusion, while the path to a more energy-efficient UK housing market has its complexities, it's a journey worth undertaking. For mortgage brokers, staying informed about EPC developments and advocating for green mortgages are crucial steps.

At EPC Choice, we are able to provide comprehensive nationwide EPC service for Brokers, Landlords and Homeowners. We offer expert advice on improving property ratings to access all  Green Mortgages.

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