C rating for Landlords. More relevant than ever.....

Tandem, the UK’s greener digital bank, has confirmed a significant cut of up to 90bps for its residential second charge mortgage products, effective immediately.

What will be of even greater interest to Landlords is the further discount available for properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of A, B, or C.

 These customers will receive a rate discount of up to 0.5 per cent, aligning with Tandem’s stated goal to help UK consumers transition to greener homes, transport and lifestyles.

Tandem’s head of distribution for second charge, Nigel Brookes, said: “This is positive news for second charge brokers and their customers. These rate reductions will continue to help brokers deliver good customer outcomes and help clients manage ongoing cost of living challenges. This is the first of many positive steps forward Tandem Bank will take in 2024.”

The firm said: “We offer greener ways to save, borrow, spend and share. From low emission motor loans, to lending for greener home improvements, to EPC discount mortgages and green savings, its products make it easier for more people to choose a greener lifestyle and reduce carbon footprints.”

Tandem is headquartered across the North West employing over 500 people in Blackpool, Cardiff, Durham, London and Manchester.