Do Landlords actually support higher EPC Ratings!

Do Landlords actually support higher EPC Ratings!

In a revealing study by the Social Market Foundation, it has emerged that a significant majority of landlords are in favor of enhancing energy efficiency standards in rental properties.

With 79% of buy-to-let owners supporting stricter regulations, this indicates a growing awareness of the importance of higher Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings. Visit to understand how this impacts you as a landlord or tenant.

Government Policy and Landlord Perspectives
Recent policy shifts by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, particularly the decision to scrap plans requiring landlords to upgrade properties to a minimum EPC rating of C by 2028, have stirred a debate. This move, intended to shield tenants from potential rent increases due to renovation costs, leaves landlords with the option to maintain properties at an EPC rating of E. The Social Market Foundation points out that the private rented sector continues to lag in energy efficiency across the UK. Landlords who spoke to the foundation expressed their frustration with the government's perceived indecision, with some already having invested substantially in property improvements.

The Role of Local Authorities and Economic Incentives
The study underscores the need for local authorities to play a pivotal role in boosting trust levels in the insulation industry among landlords and owner-occupiers. It suggests that local councils should serve as hubs for advice, information, and success stories in property insulation. Additionally, economic incentives for landlords, such as making insulation costs tax-deductible, are recommended.

Differing Opinions Among Landlords
Contrary to the Social Market Foundation's findings, other studies, like one by Landbay, indicate that a majority of landlords agree with the government's decision to relax EPC requirements. National Residential Landlords Association chief executive Ben Beadle emphasized the need for a comprehensive plan that supports energy efficiency improvements in the rental market.

Energy Efficiency: A Win-Win for Renters and Landlords
Niamh O Regan, a researcher at the Social Market Foundation, criticizes the government's approach, suggesting that it creates a false dichotomy between energy-efficient homes and affordable rents. O Regan argues that poor energy efficiency is costly for renters and urges a focus on motivating landlords to insulate their properties.

About the Study
The foundation's study was conducted by FocalData, surveying 1,200 respondents nationally in September.

Conclusion: The Path Forward

As the discourse on energy efficiency in rental properties continues, it's clear that higher EPC ratings are not just a compliance issue but an opportunity for creating greener, healthier, and more sustainable living spaces. For landlords looking to navigate these changes and for tenants seeking energy-efficient homes, visit for expert guidance and services.