Smart Meter roll out underway

The Meters have an in-home display which shows you how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence as well as in units of energy and because smart meters track your actual energy use, you’ll only ever pay for the energy you use, rather than estimated bills. 

A built in communication system too means your energy supplier can see how much energy you’re using remotely and you will no longer have to send meter readings.

How will a smart meter help me take control of my energy use?

Smart meter displays show historical energy use as well as what you’re using each day. By checking how much energy you’re using on a regular basis you’ll be able to better understand how energy is being used in your home as well as how much it is costing you.

With this you can then make more informed choices about what appliances you use and when to use them, in order to reduce your energy use and bills.

How do I get a smart meter?

By 2030 Government plans for most UK households to have a smart meter installed as part of the smart meter roll-out. You do not have to have one, but if you would like one you’ll be able.

Some energy companies are starting to install smart meters now while others are running trials. If you’re interested in getting a smart meter now, contact different energy suppliers to see who you can get one with.