Latest Green Deal & ECO stats

GD Assessments – 85,177 were lodged up to the end of September (Chart 1), up from 71,210 at end of August. The 13,967 GD Assessments in September was seven per cent higher than the number in August (13,086), although there were slightly fewer Assessments in August than in June or July.

Green Deal Plans – 954 Green Deal Plans had at least reached the ‘quote accepted’ stage for individual properties as at the end of September, compared to 677 at the end of August. Of these, 392 were ‘new’ quotes for GD Plans (quote accepted), 505 had moved to ‘pending’ (Plan signed) and 57 were ‘live’ (measures installed) (Chart 2

Cashback vouchers – by the end of September, 9,087 had been issued and, of these, 6,512 vouchers had been paid (following installation of measures) with a value of nearly £1.8 million (Chart 3). The majority of vouchers paid to date were in June and virtually all have been for boiler replacements.

ECO measures - provisional figures, which are routinely subject to further checks by Ofgem, show there were 244,882 measures installed under ECO up to the end of August (measures data takes longer to report and there is therefore an additional lag of one month). The number of measures installed in August (49,964) was 11 per cent higher than the number of measures installed in July (44,923) and continues the growth in recent months (Chart 4).

The majority of all measures installed under ECO to date were for loft insulation (36 per cent of all ECO measures), cavity wall insulation (33 per cent) and boiler upgrades (25 per cent). All solid wall insulation types accounted for four per cent (Chart 4a).

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